• You are not ever allowed to complain about your weight. This is because you will ALWAYS be accused of ‘attention whoring’.
  • You are not allowed to complain if clothes are too baggy, a store has run out of your size. This is because we have ‘thin privilege’.
  • As a thin girl, we are instantly accused of hating ‘fat’ girls, or anyone larger than us. Our weight defines our mentality and how we see people. Our opinion in the weight debate is not valid. Ever.
  • Never exercise. Or at least don’t tell people you do. You’re a no good anorexic if you do. Or worse, you wish you were. Perfectly logical.
  • For some reason, you want to shag every male friend you have, despite being in a loving relationship. So don’t bother with male friends, everyone will accuse you of being a skank.
  • Thin fashion models don’t effect us as a weight bracket. They only offend girls larger than us. You know, because we’re not tired of seeing the same body shape in the fashion industry, or have been hurt by the ignorant comments such as ‘ZERO IS NOT A SIZE’ and how a thin body isn’t feminine.
  • If you’re below the nation’s average you have no muscle or fat. Just skin and bone.
  • If you get into an argument with anyone bigger than you, it’s accepted that you hate them because they’re bigger.
  • It’s okay to get our clothes size wrong when buying us a gift, “Sorry, I didn’t realise you were THAT skinny” is always the perfect companion to a present.
  • Feel free to pinch our arms, lift us up, circle our wrists to express your DISBELIEF at how thin we are. That doesn’t hurt our feelings, and if it did, once again, attention whoring is all we’re doing.
  • All body shapes are beautiful. As a thin girl I believe this. The above are things that have been said,suspected, and speculated about me my whole life - yesterday being another case.
    A woman, in a well known fashion store, told me it wasn’t the dress (a small) that fitted big, I was just shaped awkwardly and should probably put some weight on.

    This is JUST as offensive as saying something is too small and you should lose weight. The comment completely devalued my body, completely.

    So as a Thin girl, this is what I’ve learned.

People think it’s okay to hate on skinny girls because the skinny body is ‘desirable’ according to the media. When I express my unhappiness with my body people initially are disturbed and assume I want to become skinnier but NO HELLO why is that the immediate assumption?

And don’t even fucking GET ME STARTED on that ‘only dogs go for bones’ bullshit. It makes me fucking sick to stomach. Emily is not a ‘dog’ because she is attracted to slimmer girls, and neither are the husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends of other skinny girls! Maybe they like OUR PERSONALITIES. 

And I cannot even tell you the amount of times I’ve heard chubby girls say that skinny girls deserve to hate their bodies because skinny girls bullied them and made them hate themselves in school. They shouldn’t have fucking bullied you in the first place! You know how it feels, why would you wish that on someone else? The entire skinny-girl population didn’t bully you!

Love this. And I am a fat girl. I have thin friends that struggle with every single one of the things in this list. And they have MANY more self esteem issues than I’ve ever had. 

No form of body shaming is okay.


Drafts for 1950’s era blouses. Patterns are weird. They look so big when you’re prepping to cut the fabric, and when you’re sewing everything seems to small. Then it’s done and you’re so sick of messing with the stuff you don’t even want to wear it.  (Taken with instagram)

Drafts for 1950’s era blouses. Patterns are weird. They look so big when you’re prepping to cut the fabric, and when you’re sewing everything seems to small. Then it’s done and you’re so sick of messing with the stuff you don’t even want to wear it. (Taken with instagram)








Wonderful article on the importance behind the prices of hand-made items. Would be a great read for, say, everyone, but particularly everyone who has ever tried to commission me and told me I was charging too much (which is 80% of people).

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This right here folks. This.

all you crafters, heads up

This. This right here. Damn.

What people also don’t understand is the time taken to learn and perfect the craft. I’ve had people bitch at me because I’m “withholding information” ie, something i developed MYSELF to SELL. They’re mad because I’m not giving them a SHORTCUT for FREE. You’re paying for the quality of the plush and that quality took time to build. I’m not here to build you a castle if you wave five dollars in front of me and tell me that I’M being greedy.

The drama that happened when I had started selling in the MSPA fan store on etsy was funny because of how nasty and obnoxious the complainer was but the problem was still there: people feel entitled to free shit. I think it was lexxercise that said that media consumers are incredibly spoiled. It’s true. Mass production has made people spoiled and entitled. We sort of expect shit to come out of nowhere.

like fucking miracles.


really though like people have to spend a lot of money on supplies to make crafts??? and from working in retail where stuff was mass-produced I can tell you: the markup is pretty much 200% at all times! we sold the stuff we got from the suppliers for twice what they sold it to us for. THERE IS LIKE ALMOST NO MARKUP ON HANDMADE GOODS. mostly not at all in my experience! just… augh… AUGH, please think about how much time & effort & energy goes into making things even setting aside costs of supplies

blargh blargh this kind of thing makes me really upset and sad 

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